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Welcome to postmaster.franceserv.fr

You are probably on this page because you had a problem sending email to our subscribers at FranceServ Hébergement. On this page you will find explanations and solutions to your messaging solution with us to fight against spam.

My IP is blocked ?

The following form will allow you to check if your IP is listed here and for how long:

There is currently 0 IPv4 address listed.

Unlocking my IP ?

The best solution is to wait for the time that blocking ends itself. Use this time to check your e-mail server to not send SPAM or VIRUS.

Warning: If your server keeps trying to send spam you will be blocked again. It is therefore unnecessary to request déblacklisté as responsible for blocking the problem has not been solved.

The blocking decisions are made ​​based on statistics that we maintain in real time for each IP address that is connected to our MX servers and log analysis.

If you think that there is a false positive, please contact us.

SPAM/VIRUS problem from franceserv.fr ?

The email platform of FranceServ Hébergement uses the latest anti-spam/anti-virus techniques known as DKIM/SPF/PTR SpamAssassin/ClamAV/Sieve and various anti-flood robots, on the SMTP inbound and outbound.

Despite these protections, if you received an unsolicited email from a member of the mail platform of FranceServ Hébergement, please contact us at abuse@franceserv.fr or http://www.franceserv.fr/contact to find a solution.

Problem sending emails to franceserv.fr ?

There are several reasons that lead us to block an IP. For each of these reasons our servers return different error messages that are listed below, you will find this error message in the log files of your SMTP server or in a DSN as your relay will return to you.

Are considered undesirable, IP addresses:

  • Sending too many unknown or incorrect commands to the SMTP server,
  • That connect to the mail server by forging their sources (network theft) or those that do not show up when connecting to the SMTP server using EHLO,
  • Who say come from a domain that does not have DNS MX field
  • Sending too many emails to addresses found (many spammers generate this type of error by sending SPAM dictionary)
  • That fail too often to solve the greylist,
  • Sending too much spam from Amavis (coupled with SpamAssassin).

500 Too many spams/virus from your IP


You have this error because your server has sent too many spams/virus to subscribers FranceServ Hébergement, the server has decided to no longer accept connections from your SMTP server temporarily.


Your IP address will be automatically removed from our blacklist after a maximum of 24 hours.

If you have your own SMTP server: waiting for the end of this period we recommend that you set up a spam/virus filter that allows you not to send / relay / spam forwarder to our servers

If you use an SMTP relay: Contact your service provider for it to take appropriate measures to not be blocked in the future.

530 Too many authentication errors from your IP


You have this message when you try to send mails through FranceServ Hébergement with incorrect authentication too many times. This protection makes it possible to avoid the brute-force on the mailboxes of the hosted ones of FSH and to protect its customers. Your IP has been blocked temporarily.


Check all the logins of your mailboxes on your Internet connection while waiting for the automatic removal of the ban from your IP address.

550 Too many errors from your IP


You this message because your SMTP server generated errors too large during the dialogue with servers FranceServ Accommodation (typically dropped connections before the successful transmission of an email). It is also possible that the behavior of your server leaves the impression of being under the influence of a dictionary attack (whether it's sending emails or email validation). Your IP has been blocked temporarily.


If you have your own SMTP server: waiting for the end of this period we advise you to check your configuration (you are an open relay?). If you use the “Sender Verify” which is to connect to our servers to verify that the email from you given is valid we advise you to disable this feature. It is also possible that your server sends automatic notifications (undeliverable mails, auto-responders, etc.) on spam. In this case, it is advisable to refuse mails earlier (at the reception) to avoid having to generate notifications of undeliverable mails and / or refrain from making automatic responses on emails that are detected as spam.

If you use an SMTP relay: Contact your service provider for it to take appropriate measures to not be blocked in the future.


Do you use public RBL ?

No, we only use internal data to block an IP address on the mail server.

This has the advantage that it can meet at any time due to the presence of an IP address in our system to protect and manage all the limitations and bottlenecks.

How long is the block ?

The blocking time depends on the number of spam or errors that you generated, the maximum blocking time is 24 hours but the minimum blocking time is 3 hours. After this time the IP address will automatically be released.

The blocking time is proportional to the number of bans that have already taken place in the past, and ranges as follows:

For “ ERRORS ” :

  • 1st time : 2 hours
  • 2nd time : 4 hours
  • 3rd time : 8 hours
  • 4th time : 16 hours
  • 5th time and more : 24 hours

For “ SPAM ” :

  • 1st time : 3 hours
  • 2nd time : 6 hours
  • 3rd time : 12 hours
  • 4th time and more : 24 hours

For “ VIRUS ” :

  • 1st time : 24 hours

You can use this tool to check if your IP address is listed and for how long.

What you against unsolicited mails?

Junk mail such as SPAM can be an annoyance for users by requiring them to sort legitimate mail from those who are not. Mails containing VIRUS or PHISHING can be likened to a form of attack that can harm a person or group of persons to a computer system or an entire organization.

In addition, the volume generated by junk mail is such that it poses serious technical problems on hosting an email platform forcing oversize platform unnecessarily email with additional costs (both in terms of space storage that the CPU load / memory or IO for disk).

Finally, when an email address hosted locally, transfer or redirects SPAM to another provider, the remote email server considers the email platform as FranceServ Accommodation sending SPAM, we do not want.


What an SMTP server ?

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is the protocol that allows the exchange of messages. An SMTP server is a software designed to receive and / or send emails.

What is a DSN ?

A DSN (Delivery Status Notification) is an email generated by an SMTP server when it can not send an email. This email is sent to notify the user that the email could not be delivered. This email contains all the information on the SMTP transaction.

What an error "User unknown in virtual mailbox table"?

It is a mistake that an SMTP server sends the command “RCPT TO” when the address you are trying to reach does not exist here. Many spammers generate this type of error by making spam dictionary.

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